IFA offers Consulting Training Programs to those Companies seeking assistance in developing a clear understanding of markets abroad and in this case the United States.
Walter Potenza has been inactivity in the US for over 45 years and understands the ins and outs on how to "DO BUSINESS IN THE USA" for food-related Companies.
Very often Italian Food Companies run into vendors or importers who do not fully understand the intricacies of the business platforms applied in the US Markets and find themselves to be without concrete options after a bright and promising beginning.
Chef Walter Potenza is a manufacturer of food products currently on shelves in over 1,600 Supermarkets and can share the knowledge necessary to be positioned, marketed and on the shelves for your food & wine business.
For a complete detailed presentation please contact Walter Potenza at  and we'll gladly begin the process with you! We will quote you as fairly as we possibly can.
Presentations are offered in Italy, Dubai and in the USA, in Italian, English and Spanish language.


1) Overview of the Food Business in the USA
2) Clear understanding of FDA regulations and parameters
3) Understand what Americans consume for food
4) Geographic differences (Why not all foods will be popular everywhere)
5) Analysis of competitor products
6) Position products in the eyes of distribution
7) Ranking of your food product and packaging options
8) Study analysis of competitors products
9) Seek the best reliable importers
10) Have a permanent address in the USA after a trade show
11) Proper promotion and representation (every one's food is the best!)
12) Why consumers should buy your products
13) Maintain a healthy relationship with your vendors away from home
14) Have a voice in the marketplace ...professionally!
15) America is a large country HOW DO YOU ENTER AND STAY HERE!