The Culinary Council is a Network of International Professionals specializing in the Excellence of The Made In Italy. The headquarter is located in the city of Providence Rhode Island with geographic emphasis in the New England Markets as well as the total US territory. Main objectives are to research, select, commercialize, promote, individuate trends, culturally diffuse and implement the new Italian gastronomic realities in the US marketplace. The Culinary Council offers: B2B contacts / Trade Company Activities / Promotion & Communication / USA Markets Updates / Private Endorsement management / B2B Presentations / Spoke-person Management. Members of The Culinary Council also operate in Italy identifying new products with innovation and superior quality fit to enter the US Marketplace. Abruzzo born Master Chef Walter Potenzahas dedicated his 40+ years in the education of new flavors profiles to the American palates and their cultural differences and successfully recognized as one of the leader in the promotion and authentic representation of the TRUE MADE IN ITALY BRAND. The Culinary Council prides it self of the invaluable support from International Food Experts such as Claudia Maccarini and Giovanni Filipponi which oversee the Italian Markets and their Innovative Trends & Products This unique and modern partnership allows the CC to fairly represent & promote the Quality of Italian Brand abroad with strong presence and bottom line success.



  • The Culinary Council is a collaborative agency of chefs working together to design and create new and innovative food products including everything necessary for quick-start and cost effective market roll out.
  • Our client experience includes major brand, multi-national food and beverage companies in all important sectors – frozen food, refrigerated foods, dry grocery, produce, food service and internet food marketing. We have also been responsible for launching many new brands taken from concept or kitchen recipes. These include gourmet, specialty, natural and organic products. refrigerated foods, dry grocery, produce, food service and internet food marketing.
  • Our fields of expertise include all Mediterranean cuisines, with resources from country such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Balkan countries. In the lower Mediterranean basin we endorse the cuisines of Northern Africa and the Middle East.
  • Our latest endeavor is to research, develop and launch the new and exciting flavors offered by the Latin countries and the Orient. The experience and professionalism of our chefs members guarantees innovation, creativity and a continuous education and documentation on the powerful trends of tomorrow.
  • We focus our products and development in the philosophy of healthy eating with strong emphasis on the usage of pulses, grains, greens, low sodium and TRANS-fats. We specialize in Gluten-Free products development including Diabetes and Allergens-free with total wellness and fit lifestyle. .
  • Redefining the art of research & development with flexibility, quality, innovation and reliability.





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