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brokerage representation in the USA  & TRAINING PROGRAMS

  • New to the Culinary Council is our Brokerage Agency. We represent several Italian and European manufacturing food companies and wineries.
  • We educate consumers and promote Authentic Italian Foods & Wines in new products and brands.
  • We help you increase the consumers purchases of Authentic Italian Foods & Wines in the at home meals and away from home.
  • We assist the member companies and organizations increase awareness of their products and brands to build business. in the USA
  • We educate food retail trade and food service establishments to offer Authentic Italian Foods & Wines from Italy to consumers
  • We organize major events, promotions and social media marketing efforts that will engage consumers.
  • We create searchable database of recipes using Authentic Italian Foods & Wines with credit to the recipe contributor
  • We partner with existing food organizations/associations and companies with same mission.
  • We create an umbrella promotional program to promote DPO and DOCG status and quality designations.
  • We  utilize technology to engage consumers and help accomplish the mission.
  • Our agency will operate as an umbrella group to assist companies and trade organizations to connect with the key consumers and trade here in USA to expand their business of Authentic Italian Foods & Wines.
  • Our agency offers all types of services including USA based Import Agency services, providing sales, marketing, distribution, customer relationship consulting.
  • We offer Start up and networking assistance for companies looking to enter the US market and establishing business in USA.
  • We are fluent in Italian, English and Spanish languages with 40+ years in the food & hospitality industry


  • The Culinary Council provides training programs and educational events for:

    Supermarkets & Specialty / We provide knowledge and hands-on practices on food products, place of origin, composition, method of use.
    Manufacturing Companies / We provide knowledge on new products ideation, food trends seminars, presentations and implementation.
    Nutritional analysis / USDA and FDA approved nutritional labels, ingredient statements, allergen claims and up to code health claims.
    Hospitality industry / University and colleges / We train staff members, implement workable resources. and operation analysis.
    Culinary Sales & Marketing Support / Culinary & Food Service Training / Project Management and more.
    The Culinary Council also offers complete culinary programs at Chef Walters Cooking school.
    The Culinary Council can design, program and launch your next Cooking Show